Wavefront: Custom treatment

The equipment used for performing laser eye surgery requires information in order to be able to accurately correct the cornea. The eye surgeon has two options:
He can perform a standard procedure: the specific values of your eyes are entered into the laser computer. Values include your prescription strength, pupil diameter and other specific values. The laser computer then calculates how the laser eye treatment should proceed: This system assumes that your eyes are within certain, average parameters in terms of corneal shape and structure. If your eyes correspond with these averages, we can apply this method of treatment.

Do you want the best possible results and/or do your eyes deviate from the average parameters?

In this case you can also choose a custom treatment: PTA.
The abbreviation PTA means Personalised Treatment Advanced and can only be performed with the TECHNOLAS 217 P laser at International Vision Centers.

What is the difference with a Wavefront treatment?

A Wavefront treatment is performed in combination with FemtoSecond Lasik, standard Lasik and Lasek*PRK treatment.
We perform special measurements in advance to collect all details about your eyes. The computer then calculates the best treatment method for your eyes. The treatment is optimised using three elements:

  • A wavefront analysis (Zyoptics) is performed of the corneal surface, which shows in detail how the eye is shaped.
  • Thanks to the precise analysis of the cornea, treatment is only performed on areas where it is necessary; this leads to a 15-20% reduction in the amount of cornea required to perform the correction. Therefore, PTA saves corneal tissue.¬†
  • An aspherical treatment is performed: this results in sharper eyesight at night when compared to standard treatment. Aspherical treatment reduces effects like the formation of halos.

Why at IVC?

  • Latest methods, SMILE and FemtoLASIK
  • Personal guidance
  • Easy to reach by public transport
  • Experienced specialists
  • Patient review rate of 8.9 on Ooglasertrefpunt.nl
  • Modern equipment

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