Now also in the Netherlands: the revolutionary ReLEx SMILE eye laser treatment

Once again, International Vision Centers (IVC) introduces an all-new eye laser treatment in the Netherlands. After being the first to offer Femto Second Lasik in the Netherlands, IVC now introduces ReLEx SMILE. Since the beginning of this year, the specialists of IVC, dr. Bozkurt Sener and drs. Otto Wolter, are already treating patients with this revolutionary new method by Zeiss.

Eye lasering without ‘flap’: faster, more accurate and practically painless

With the ReLEx SMILE method making a ‘flap’ for laser treatment. The small piece of tissue created by the laser during this treatment has exactly the same size and shape of the particular refractive deviation. This enables quicker healing, less risk of infections, more accuracy, shorter treatment and considerably less pain afterwards.

The worldwide success of ReLEx SMILE

Internationally, ReLEx SMILE treatment has been carried out since 2011. At this moment, more than 80.000 people have already been treated by this method. Of those, 50.000 were treated in 2013. This clearly indicates that ReLEx SMILE treatment is conquering the market very quickly!

  • International Vision Centers is the first to introduce a totally new refractive eye surgery method in the Netherlands! With the newest ReLEx SMILE treatment method of Zeiss it becomes possible to correct eye defects without having to make a flap.
  • This means the intervention is less burdensome to the eye. A laser is used under the intact cornea to pulverize a thin piece of tissue to form the required shape of the lens. This thin remainder of tissue is then removed from under the cornea, through an opening less than 4 millimetres in size. This opening is no less than 80% smaller than those of the earlier FemtoLASIK treatment!
  • Because the treatment is performed without a flap, this also means a smaller risk of infections and quicker healing. And because no switch of equipment is needed during the treatment, the overall time of the treatment is also shorter. That means the end result is achieved even quicker: you will never need glasses or contact lenses again!

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