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Since its introduction in 1992, LASIK has quickly become the most popular laser eye surgery method worldwide. The LASIK method is primarily aimed at low and average/medium levels of myopia and hyperopia.

The characteristics of LASIK treatment

Step 1: Creating the flap

The flap is created by cutting out a lid, so to speak, from the top layer of the cornea, which contains the outer layer of the cornea and the pain sensitive epithelium. The surgeon opens this lid to the side. This gives him access to treat the pain insensitive areas of the cornea to improve eyesight without any problem. With standard LASIK treatment, the flap is created using a surgical blade called a microkeratome.
With FemtoLASIK treatment, the microkeratome is replaced by a  FemtoSecond laser. This laser cuts the tissue with infrared light without actually touching it, and with utmost precision and at very high speed. It only takes 20 seconds for the eye surgeon to cut out a perfect flap with the FemtoSecond Laser.
Thanks to the exceptional precision of the FemtoSecond Laser patients who have relatively thin corneas can now also be treated with the LASIK method. This was not an option with the manually operated surgical blade.

Step 2: The flap is folded off to the side while laser surgery is performed on the eye

The flap is then folded off to the side. The deeper layers of the cornea are now exposed and can be treated with the laser. Since these deeper layers of the cornea are not sensitive, discomfort during and after treatment is minimized.

Step 3: The flap is laid back in place

Once treatment is complete, the flap is laid back in place. The tissue’s natural adhesive power ensures that the flap naturally attaches itself and remains in place. The flap fuses slowly with the cornea and can be pulled up by the doctor during the first year. However, this adhesive power is strong enough to keep the flap in place, because it is already very strong almost immediately after the eye leaser treatment.
There is only a chance of the flap shifting if there is a strong force from the outside, such as an accident. However, this can be corrected. If corrective surgery is necessary within a year after the procedure, it’s an advantage that the surgeon can use the existing flap and generally does not have to cut out a new flap.

Why at IVC?

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