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In 2001, the company Intralase developed the FemtoSecond laser and since then, more than 2 million patients in the US have been successfully treated with the Intra LASIK method.

Leading organisations in the USA, such as NASA and the US Airforce only perform FemtoSecond Lasik eye surgery on their astronauts, pilots and other military personnel.

What is involved in a FemtoSecond LASIK treatment?

The FemtoSecond Laser replaces the first part of the LASIK treatment – cutting out the flap – the microsurgical blade. The FemtoSecond Laser cuts the tissue with infrared light with utmost precision and at very high speed without touching the object. Eye surgeons can cut out a perfect flap in just 10 seconds with the FemtoSecond Laser.

Special software guides the infrared light of the laser eye very precisely to a predetermined area of the cornea. There, the light impulses produce minuscule bubbles of water vapour and  carbon dioxide. These bubbles are right next to each other and, without touching, they form the blade that spares the surrounding tissue as much as possible.

Thanks to the exceptional precision of the FemtoSecond Laser we can now treat patients with relatively thin corneas using this LASIK method. This was impossible with the manually operated surgical blade method. Therefore, Femto LASIK can also be used for:

  • Moderate to severe astigmatism
  • Thinner corneas
  • Higher levels of vision disorders (short-sighted/long-sighted)

Complications during treatment are practically impossible: Femto Lasik sets new standards in safety and accuracy. Since this part of the operation is fully guided by computer, maximum control and a level of precision are achieved that were impossible in the past.

What are the advantages of the FemtoSecond-LASIK laser eye treatment?

The advantages are summarized here below:

  • Safer and more accurate procedure
  • Fewer risks of complications (during and after treatment)
  • Improved results for hyperopia (less regression)
  • Lasik can now also be performed on people with higher dioptre values in combination with thinner corneas
  • Very successful when combining disorder (such as hyperopia with severe astigmatism)


Even though the results of mechanical microkeratomes, whereby a surgical blade is used, are excellent, the chance of incidental complications with the new, computer controlled laser is significantly reduced.  These complications involve disruptions while cutting, irregularities in the cut (too thin, too big or meniscus shaped flaps), or poor wound healing. Symptoms such as dry eye also occur less often and fewer retreatments are required. This is also the preferable method for patients whose corneas are very curved and for those whose corneas have very little curvature because this procedure is much safer in these cases.


The incision in the cornea is 100 times more precise with laser than with mechanical microkeratomes whereby the cornea flap is cut using conventional surgical blades. More uniform measurements are obtained, in particular measurements related to thickness. It is also possible to cut a very thin, good quality flap, whereby more corneal tissue is retained.

This allows more patients with high dioptre values to be treated with this form of refractive surgery.

Optical quality
Thanks to the FemtoSecond Laser more and more patients can achieve 20/20 vision or more. The tendency towards astigmatism and other disorders with this type of treatment is less in comparison with patients who have been treated with conventional microkeratomes.

The laser can also be used for treating Keratoconus with intracorneal rings (INTACS).

We are happy to offer our patients the FemtoSecond Laser, which enables us to provide treatment with a high degree of precision, safety and predictability.

We would like to invite you to one of our free evening information sessions without any obligation at International Vision Centers in Amsterdam or Nijmegen, where we will answer all your questions. We will evaluate whether your eyes are eligible for vision correction via laser eye surgery.

FemtoSecond OoglaserenLASIK flapjeLASIK ooglaseren

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