31 maart 2014

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Even in the field of eye lasering we see more and more discounters popping up. However: A low price on the internet or in the media may seem tempting, but this is always the absolute base price for a certain eye lasering method. With all the extra costs, a ‘lowcost’ eye laser treatment can suddenly become much more expensive…

It’s also important to know what quality you may expect for which price, here we also see huge differences. In eye lasering treatment, there are 3 different generations. And all 3 are still offered at this moment. We will explain them here, so you will know what you pay for!


The first generation of eye lasering, the LASEK/ PRK method, is not quite the most ideal eye lasering method any more. Not only because of the long recovery period, but also because of the result, the frequent use of different kinds of eyedrops and the pain after treatment. It is advised to take 2 weeks off from work after treatment. During those weeks you will want to lock yourself up in a dark room all the time… and you will have to wait a full month for the result.

Also, insurance companies are not that flexible in paying for eye drops any more. And in case of LASEK/PRK treatment, the total costs for eye drops can be as much as 200 euros… International Vision Centers only carries out LASEK/PRK treatment if this is the only remaining option from a medical point of view.


Both eye lasering methods creating a flap (LASIK and FEMTO Second LASIK) form the second generation of eye lasering. In case of the more modern FEMTO LASIK method this flap is created by the laser. At many clinics, this method can also be upgraded to a fully personalised treatment. Bear in mind that this is specified and explained. Not only on the website, but also at the pre-examination. Then there should be no ‘surprises’ afterwards.

The older LASIK method using a mikrokeratome blade is now out-dated by the Femto LASIK method. The Femto LASIK is more accurate, more predictable and enables quicker healing and better results, with less risk of dry eyes.


For the third generation of eye lasering creating a flap is no longer necessary. With the latest ReLEx SMILE eye laser treatment the eyesight is corrected by taking away a small piece of tissue, formed by the laser. This tiny ‘lense-shaped’ piece of tissue, has the exact dimensions of your refractive deviation. This is eliminated through a small incision of 2 to 4 mm. This results in little to none inconvience caused by dry eyes and less use of eye drops.

Make sure you get the right advice, make the right choice and make sure you know which eye laser treatment is which. Also check the possibility of a personalised Wavefront treatment. In the treatment plan at least 5 checkups afterwards should be included. In the end you will only have your eyes lasered once and your eyes are a VERY precious posession…

Why at IVC?

  • Latest methods, SMILE and FemtoLASIK
  • Personal guidance
  • Easy to reach by public transport
  • Experienced specialists
  • Patient review rate of 8.9 on Ooglasertrefpunt.nl
  • Modern equipment

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