As soon as you arrive at the eye clinic on the day of your treatment, your eyes will be examined again. The eye specialist, who will be treating you, will go over all the results of the exam with you and will explain the possible risks again, as well as his expectations for the final results. At that time, the doctor will tell you which laser eye treatment method will be used.
If any serious risk factors come to light that were not present during prior exams, the doctor may possibly forgo treatment in the interest of the health of your eyes.

Steps to be taken during the laser eye treatment

Laser eye treatment consists of a number of steps. The total treatment process up to the first post treatment exam takes approximately one and a half hours.
Summary of the steps using the Femto LASIK method as an example:

  • Your clothing will be covered during treatment: you will wear a hairnet and you will wear a gown over your clothes and slippers over your shoes.
  • Your eyes will be given a local anaesthetic in the form of eye drops.
  • The eye surgeon will use the FemtoSecond Intralase laser to cut out the flaps for each eye in just three minutes; the laser itself will only be used here for 30 seconds on each eye.
  • Take into account a wait time of approximately 10 minutes for it to take effect.
  • The eye surgeon will use the eximer laser to then correct the shape of the cornea so that you can see well again. This step takes about 5 minutes per eye. The laser itself requires no more than 10 to 15 seconds for correction.
  • You will then wait for half an hour in the resting area.
  • The eye surgeon will then check whether the laser eye treatment has been successful.

You do not need any bandages, but we recommend you bring along a good pair of non-prescription sunglasses with a UV filter. You might have the feeling that you are blinded quickly. You will be given special eye protection to take home with you to wear the first night.
You will return to the clinic the next day where the eye surgeon will conduct a second post treatment exam. This will allow him to identify and treat any complications right away. After careful examination of the successful laser eye surgery, you can return home. Generally, you can even drive yourself home!

Should you expect any pain during or after laser eye surgery?

The degree of discomfort or pain and the time it takes to regain full eyesight will depend on the laser eye treatment method selected specifically for your eyes.

  • A Femto-LASIK or standard LASIK treatment is simple, practically pain free and requires an extremely short recovery time. The pressure on the eye when cutting out the flap during Femto-LASIK is uncomfortable for some people.
    Often, the positive effects are present immediately after surgery and you will have much better vision right away.  During the first few days and sometimes during the first few weeks, your eyesight may vary slightly.
  • After a LASEK / PRK treatment you will have to take into account that you may feel significant pain for the first three to five days after treatment. The recovery time is also longer. Approximately 80% of your corrected eyesight will be present after one week, and after three weeks, you will have your final eyesight.

Why at IVC?

  • Latest methods, SMILE and FemtoLASIK
  • Personal guidance
  • Easy to reach by public transport
  • Experienced specialists
  • Patient review rate of 8.9 on Ooglasertrefpunt.nl
  • Modern equipment

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