Once you have made the decision to undergo laser eye treatment, we will make appointments for the medical exam and treatment. The medical exam can take place at the clinic in Amsterdam or at our branch in Nijmegen.  The treatment will always take place at our eye clinic in Amsterdam.
Soft contact lenses may not be worn for the two weeks leading up to the day of treatment. This period is four weeks for hard contact lenses. The reason for this is that contact lenses affect the shape of the cornea. However, you may wear glasses without any problem.

Medical exam in Amsterdam or in Nijmegen

You will receive in-depth information about laser treatments and possible risks during your medical exam at the eye clinic in Amsterdam or at our branch in Nijmegen. You will also receive a treatment contract to take home with you. It lists all the possible complications of eye laser treatment.
A treatment contract is required by law. The law prescribes that you must give us written permission to treat you. We are also required to inform you of any risks. Signing a treatment contract has nothing to do with liability: as a clinic, we are responsible for the quality of our treatment and we assume full responsibility. The treatment contract will be signed by you and the doctor in charge of your care before treatment is performed.
During the preliminary medical exam, all relevant parameters of your vision disorder will be recorded and the moisture levels of your eyes will be measured. Afterwards, the eye specialist will verify whether you can undergo treatment without any risks to your health and discusses the results of the exam with you.
Note: You will be given eye drops to dilate your pupils during the preliminary exam. We recommend that you do not drive right after the exam: you might experience problems with your vision for a few hours after the exam!

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