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Wonderful post treatment care at International Vision Centers

I would like to express my gratitude for the great post treatment care I was given at International Vision Centers. After two years, my left eye turned out not to be fully perfect. In consultation with the eye specialist, I was treated again, without any additional costs.
My eyes are now in tip-top shape again.
Service has always been the most important factor for me, and you provided that. It was great!
Therefore, I will recommend International Vision Centers to everyone who asks me about Lasik.

Sincerely yours,
Experience by Ron Jansen

Stop having doubts, just go ahead and do it!

“Yesterday I was at International Vision Centers for my post treatment appointment. Everything was fine. Of course, I already noticed that too. I had my procedure a little over a month ago in Amsterdam. I was very nervous, but there were other people who were nervous too and that brings us together. That day mainly consists of waiting and exams. We waited in a very relaxed atmosphere.
The staff were so friendly, patient and helpful; you don’t often come across that in a hospital anymore. They had coffee, tea and water available all day for us to drink. What a service.
There was wonderful support during the procedure itself. I was becoming more and more nervous. But the staff were so nice and caring that I started to relax. It was scary, but it was nothing and it really doesn’t hurt. It is over before you realize it. The 4 hours that follow, as clearly expected, are very uncomfortable. Fire in your eyes!
However, after those 4 hours, the pain is gone and look what you get in return! A world that you can see clearly. A wonderfully, clear and beautiful world! I don’t regret it for a single moment.”
Experience by Wilma Zuidema

The treatment was over before I realized it

“This past April I had laser eye surgery at International Vision Centers in Amsterdam. I was referred to IVC by family who had a good experience with them. I have just had my one month post treatment appointment and I have perfect vision!  100% in both eyes! This is a satisfied customer.
International Vision Centers explained everything in detail about the treatment to me. I had a number of questions about allergies and such, but they answered all those questions and they did not pose a problem for the treatment.
The treatment itself was over before I knew it. Once you are inside, you are back out in 30 minutes and you can suddenly see. It was a very strange but wonderful feeling! I also really enjoyed the personal support. There was someone there to calm you and to tell you exactly what was happening. The first few hours after the treatment, about 3 to 4 hours, I lay down on a bed in a dark room. That evening around 8:00 pm, I was home, walking my dog outside!
The post treatment care is also good. There was one morning, about 3 weeks after the treatment, that I had the feeling that I couldn’t see as well (perhaps I had slept on my eye). I called in the weekend at 8:00 am and IVC was there to answer my question and to put my mind at ease (my eyesight recovered one hour later).
This is a satisfied customer, who would do it again in a heartbeat, and would recommend it to anyone. Every morning I wake up and I can see the alarm clock. That is awesome!!!”
Experience by Bram Rongen

The best investment I have ever made!

My sister and I had been talking about having laser eye surgery for a long time, but we never got around to it. One day we decided that we weren’t getting anywhere by talking about it; therefore, we took a good look at this site, requested information and scheduled a consultation.
In the end, we went to International Vision Centres Nijmegen, in part because it was nearby, but also because they had a great website with clear information (that gives you a good feeling as a consumer – don’t you think?) and also because they offer the Femto Lasik Method, which is the method that appealed the most to both of us.
On the day of the consultation, we were welcomed by Coby and Richard, who were very friendly. It was very exciting for both of us. What if one of us did not meet the requirements? Luckily we were both accepted and the FemtoSecond method was also our only option because we are both very short-sighted (-6). Richard explained things very clearly and in great detail, there was no question that was too crazy and he took his time with us. We felt very much at ease right away.
Then we returned for the medical exam and the only negative point was that we had to wait for quite a long time. I think that could have been handled more efficiently.
The day of the treatment was very exciting of course. There were all sorts of additional exams (they are very thorough). Luckily Richard was there too and, as my sister already wrote on this site, it is nice to see a familiar face. One thing they could have told me earlier is the likelihood of complete recovery. We were both given an 80% chance of full recovery of vision, otherwise we might still be slightly short-sighted. This was unexpected for me and they should have told us that sooner.
The treatment itself, well, you hear lots of different things about that, and this is my experience: loosening the flap: It was awful, a whole lot of pressure is put on your eye and you feel like it’s being completely flattened; however, it only takes 5 minutes for each eye and then it’s over and done with. Then I sat in the waiting room for 10 minutes with my eyes closed. There was no pain at that point. Afterwards, I went to the next room where the actual Lasik was to take place; however, there were 10 people standing in that room: all of them were there for me; at least they weren’t short-staffed haha. You don’t really feel anything during the Lasik part of the process; the only discomfort I felt was when they abundantly rinse the eye (it’s not painful). As a reflex, you want to close your eye, but you can’t because they are held open with spreaders. And the staff keep telling you to be calm, relax, haha. Well, you try that when you have a bunch of water in your eye. Immediately afterwards, the flap was laid back in place and one of the assistants helped me out of my chair, and to my surprise: I could see fairly well, I could never have seen that well with my -6 vision!
I then had to sit down in the waiting room for another 10 minutes, and then I was allowed to leave the treatment room.
My eyes were examined right away to make sure the flap was attached correctly. And, I was in such a good mood because I didn’t have any pain at all.
That changed after about half an hour; my eyes started to burn terribly. I kept my eyes closed and my parents and my sister guided me towards a hotel in the area. I was very happy that we had booked a hotel nearby. We turned off all the lights and closed all the curtains right away. Then we had to put drops in our eyes every hour. After I had put drops in my eyes for the 3rd time, I noticed that the pain was going away.
After 4 hours, we were both to the point that we could keep our eyes open and they didn’t hurt anymore. My first experience was that I saw a minuscule clock with a backlight on the other side of the room, and I could see it clearly without my contacts!! It was truly wonderful.
The next day, I returned for an exam; my vision was not yet 100%, but everything looked good.
The next exam would be in a month’s time, but I noticed that I still could not see clearly with my left eye (the right eye was fine) and I didn’t really want to wait for another 2 weeks until my appointment date.  So, I called Richard and I could drop by that afternoon, no problem. He put my mind at ease and when I returned 2 weeks later for the real follow-up exam, I had 120% sight in both eyes (2 weeks after treatment, my left eye had 80% sight).
It has been 3 months since the procedure and I am hardly using the eye drops anymore. I am completely satisfied with the results and the service that international vision centre gave us. Thank you Richard and Coby!
It really is the best investment I have ever made so far.

I feel like I have been reborn

Just a month ago I had laser eye surgery at International Vision Centers.
We had been gathering information for quite some time about laser eye treatments and Coby and Richard explained it to us very clearly. We then decided that my wife would have the procedure done first.
She had her procedure in March. She was so happy that now it was my turn.
After 33 years of wearing contact lenses, I was finally going to do this too!
I first had to come in for a consultation. You then undergo a medical examination; then they see whether you are eligible for laser eye surgery, which has to do with how thick your cornea is along with some other factors.
Anyway, I had come through it, I was eligible!
“The morning of the treatment in Amsterdam they examine a few more things to make sure that everything will go well (if they have any doubts that something might go wrong during/after the operation, they will refuse to do it), so that’s a good thing.
“The afternoon arrived and it was finally time! The surgery can begin. They first give you a gown, a hat and slippers. And, you also have to disinfect your eyes with a cloth…
Their very friendly staff is there to assist you with everything.
Then, you are allowed to walk to the chair in the operating room, where they put eye drops in your eyes to numb them… then you wait!!! Even though it’s only about a 10/15 minute wait. I wasn’t nervous, I knew exactly what was going to happen; my wife had told me all about it and what to expect on this day.
It’s really going to happen now, I’m allowed to go inside!!!
I can lie down on the chair; I had the treatment where they use a laser to create the flap; you feel this because the laser does its work with a certain amount of pressure; once this is done, you go back to the waiting room, where you have to wait until it’s your turn to have the actual Lasik done in a different treatment room. With this treatment, the flap is created, your eye is cleaned and the real Lasik work can begin. Then the flap is put back in place. The same thing with my other eye. Luckily you don’t feel a thing!!
I am finished and out the door in no time at all. My eyesight is already pretty good, and you go back for a follow-up pretty quickly to see if the flap is set correctly.
I didn’t have any pain, in any case my eyes didn’t burn. I felt like I could see just as well  a couple of hours after treatment as I did when I was wearing my contacts.
You have to wear protective eyewear the first night after the procedure so that you don’t rub your eyes (very important). And the follow-up appointment is also in Amsterdam.
Meanwhile, I have had my one month follow-up appointment; the left eye had 100% vision and my right eye had 85% vision. According to the doctor that will improve over time because it takes a few months for the eyes to recover. 
The treatment itself isn’t bad (better than going to the dentist)
It is a great feeling to be able to see without my contact lenses, without having to mess about with cleaning them, etc. Like I said: I feel like I have been reborn!
Experience as told by Jan Rongen

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