Experienced eye specialists at International Vision Centers

The internationally well-known specialist in refractive surgery, Professor Bozkurt Sener, has gained experience with more than 60,000 laser eye surgeries during his career.  Prof. Bozkurt Sener is  a registered ophthalmologist and refractive surgeon in Turkey.
Our other laser eye specialist, Dr. Otto Wolter, is one of the most prominent Lasik surgeons in the Netherlands. Dr. Otto Wolter was one of the first Dutch eye surgeons performing the Femto LASIK procedure.

Certified and registered eye specialists

The eye specialists of International Vision Centers are certified and experienced ophthalmologists. Eye specialist Prof. Bozkurt Sener is one of the world’s most experienced LASIK surgeons. He is also a leading researcher with the University of Istanbul. 
Eye specialist Dr. Otto Wolter is registered in the BIG register, and is also a member of the Nederlands Oogheelkundig Genootschap (Dutch Association of Ophthalmologists) and the Nederlands Genootschap Refractie Chirurgen (Dutch Association of Refractive Surgeons).

Why at IVC?

  • Latest methods, SMILE and FemtoLASIK
  • Personal guidance
  • Easy to reach by public transport
  • Experienced specialists
  • Patient review rate of 8.9 on Ooglasertrefpunt.nl
  • Modern equipment

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